About us

About Us

Welcome to Boomerang Packaging! Since our founding in 1994, Boomerang Packaging has offered the highest quality selection of packaging products and equipment to its clients. We have grown into a leading supplier of high-quality packaging products, equipment and systems not only in Houston, Texas but worldwide. At Boomerang Packaging, we are committed to providing exceptional one on one customer service and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business thrive! It’s all in our name; we work hard for you, so that you keep coming back-Boomerang!

Complimentary Packaging Assessment

Boomerang Packaging conducts thorough packaging audits for businesses, plants, and industrial facilities. Our experts analyze your packaging and consumable utilization to improve efficiency, quality, and pricing. We assess material usage, waster management and distribution to streamline processes and reduce costs. Maximize the potential of your packaging and consumable utilization with Boomerang!

Equipment Lease/Finance Options

Acquiring new equipment can be a costly investment that may not always be feasible for your business. At Boomerang, we understand the importance of having the right tools to get the job done, which is why we offer a tailor-made equipment lease program, and financing options to help you avoid capital budget constraints. To quality for our lease option program, we carefully evaluate each customer's circumstances to ensure they meet our specific criteria. At Boomerang, we're committed to helping your business succeed by providing flexible and cost-effective equipment leasing solutions.


Jhanz Zavala
Jhanz Zavala
Always fast and courteous when loading customers.
s kip
s kip
Easy in &out guick to service
Ronald Davis (One mile)
Ronald Davis (One mile)
Great place
Mister Logistics
Mister Logistics
Very professional people!

Tools Maintenance & Repair Services

At Boomerang, we understand that keeping your packaging and strapping machinery running at peak efficiency is essential to maintaining your plant’s productivity. That is why we offer top-notch tools and machine maintenance services that are designed to keep your equipment running smoothly and prevent costly breakdowns. Our team of expert service technicians are committed to ensuring that your equipment and production line operate at optimal levels of efficiency.

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Consultio comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts. Any of which can be installed via one click.

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