Plastic Strapping Tools

Discover the reliability and versatility of plastic strapping tools from Boomerang Packaging. Our comprehensive selection of high-quality tools ensures secure and efficient application of plastic strapping. From tensioners and sealers to combination tools, we offer top-of-the-line solutions for your packaging needs. Choose Boomerang for dependable plastic strapping tools that deliver exceptional performance.

Battery Powered Tools

Experience the convenience and power of battery-powered steel strapping tools from Boomerang Packaging. Our advanced range of tools provides efficient and effortless strapping for your packaging needs. With cordless operation and reliable performance, these tools streamline your strapping process and ensure secure and consistent results.

Manual Combination Tools

Boomerang offers manual combination tools that encompass tensioning, sealing, and cutting functions in a single tool. Our selection includes a variety of models capable of handling strapping sizes ranging from 1/2" up to 1 1/4".

Manual Tensioners and Sealers

For lower volume or power-restricted operations, Boomerang offers a range of hand tensioners and sealers that deliver effective strapping solutions. Our hand tools, carefully selected for optimal performance, ensure reliable tensioning and sealing. Choose from a variety of tensioner types, including feed wheel, push-type, windlass, and rack & pinion. Our sealer models include both front and side action tools, providing versatility for your specific needs.

Pneumatic Combination Tools

Enhance your high-volume strapping operations with pneumatic combination tools from Boomerang. These tools provide efficient tensioning and sealing in a single operation, ensuring precise and uniform strap tension. With user-friendly features, our selection of pneumatic tools is designed to streamline your packaging process, making them the ideal choice for high-volume applications.

Pneumatic Tensioners and Sealers

Experience the efficiency of pneumatic hand tools for strapping applications with Boomerang Packaging. Our range of pneumatic hand tensioners and sealers delivers fast and convenient strapping, with one-button operation for enhanced productivity. Explore our selection of high-quality pneumatic hand tools, carefully chosen to meet your strapping needs.

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